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Janitorial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning services for Mableton, Georgia as well as Douglas, South Cobb and South Fulton Counties

ServiceMaster Custom Cleaning is located in Mableton, GA and services Douglas County, South Cobb County and South Fulton County.  Franchise owner, Will Trantham, recently acquired the successful Franchise, from Mr. Clarence Reese, who after more than 25 years, across many consumer oriented businesses chose to pursue other business interests.   Both Will and Clarence have formed a solid and enduring relationship that will allow Will to call on Clarence with support questions.   

Will Trantham also owns the NX Supply Group, which is a National Industrial and Facility Supply Distributorship, with over 100 Sales Agents, nationally. He acquired this company in the summer of 2014, after leading businesses in the private sector (Industrial Packaging Corporation – Atlanta) and public sector (ITW and Berkshire Hathaway) for more than 20 years. In these senior leadership roles, Will has learned first and foremost, His Customer’s Write His Paycheck!   It is with this commitment to Exceeding Customer Expectations, that led him to acquire a very customer oriented business  -- ServiceMaster Custom Cleaning.


At ServiceMaster Custom Cleaning are goals are Very Simple:  

  • Support our Employees like they are FAMILY.
  • Be a Responsible Corporate Citizen in our Communities.
  • Follow the ServiceMaster Philosophy of  -- "Ordinary Tasks. Extraordinary Service.®"


We believe that if we can accomplish these goals, we hope our customers will become “boastful of our efforts,” and our employees will remain with us for years and years to come!


Will Trantham
Franchise Owner
ServiceMaster Custom Cleaning
770-948-4006 (Office)
888-494-9389  (Fax)

The ServiceMaster Clean® Capture and Removal Cleaning® system is protected by one or more of the following patents: U.S. Pat. No. 7,845,047 and U.S. Pat. No 8,083,860.  

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